Devotion to the sacred duty


Our state, permanently neutral Turkmenistan, carries out a policy of peace, neighbourliness and confidence. Our national army makes a stand for protection of peace, safety of the country, a safe life of the people and free creative labour. As we know from the history, our ancient people have understood that any fight, war has pernicious consequences and, therefore any conflict question they tried to solve amicably. Our military doctrine is embodied on a principles of our people, which had ancestors with such qualities, based on the status of neutrality and defensive character.

The 27-th of January – is the Day of defenders of Fatherland, glorious soldiers, who makes a stand for protection of peace of our country. In honour of this holiday at the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan is organized an exhibition named “Devotion to the sacred duty”. In the auguration of the exhibition participated military personnel, students of military schools of military educational institutions of the Ministry of Defence of the country.

The exhibition begins with a portrait of the honourable President, the State symbols and his wise words about sanctity of protection of Fatherland. Here are shown the valuable jewellery compositions glorifying reforms in the country, the swords adorned with precious stones. There are also shown the photos showing glorious history of the beloved country at the era of Revival of the powerful state, the political and military situation, the reached successes and information on the foundation of Armed Forces of the country, various carpets and picture carpets panel, which enrich value of the exhibition.

The exhibition was opened by the director of the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan Meretgeldi Charyyev. Then the floor was given to the serviceman of the State border services of Turkmenistan, senior lieutenant Batyr Gylyjow, serviceman, lieutenant Soltanmyrat Taganov, commander of the separate student company of the Military institute of the Ministry of Defence of Turkmenistan Tavus Tagandurdyyeva, psychologist of the I Berdimuhamet Annayev specialized military school, major Nabat Nurgeldiyeva, who has told about the sanctity of defence of Fatherland.