Art absorbed warmth of heart

Art absorbed warmth of heart

In the State museum of the State cultural Centre of Turkmenistan, a solemn meeting called "Art absorbed warmth of heart". In the conference participated: Hero of Turkmenistan, laureate of Magtymguly International prize, poetess, People’s writer of Turkmenistan Gozel Shagukyyeva, deputy of Majlis of Turkmenistan, lecturer of Indira Gandhi medical college of Ashgabat city Makhym Gubiyeva, main specialist of environmental protection service of Ministry of agriculture and environmental protection of Turkmenistan, member of Central Council of Women’s Union of Turkmenistan Uxukjemal Pashiyeva, main specialist of Ashgabat city council of Magtymguly Youth organization of Turkmenistan Bairamgul Bairamdurdyyeva, deputy head of division of ethnography of the State museum of the State cultural Centre of Turkmenistan    Bakhartach Rustemova, Honoured Artist of Turkmenistan, artist of Magtymguly National musical and dramatic theatre Gulshirin Annamyradova. Honoured Artist of Turkmenistan, lecturer of Maya Kulyyeva National conservatoire   Аygul Yagshyyeva and Durjemal Chanlyyeva sung songs gloryfying our women.

One of the main values of the national heritage of our people is our hand paintings, which embody all the beauty. When you see the red kurta sewed by mother of Hero Arkadag Ogulabat eje, who invented such beauties and made them into unique patterns, absorbing her love and warm affection for those patterns, you realize that the female talent and desire are limitless.

The treatment of that beautiful kurta, which was taken from the State museum of the State cultural center of Turkmenistan, with delicate and exquisite patterns, proves how high the love for this profession, which is said to be "like a well with a needle", was great in Ogulabat eje. If this great work, which requires a lot of hard work, great patience, and diligence, was completed in only 20 days, it fills the hearts of Turkmen women with pride as an art created by Ogulabat eje passion for manual labor combined with her divine talent.

The kurta, which was sewed by mother of Hero Arkadag Ogulabat eje half a century ago, in 1971, is a valuable heritage that has been handed down from generation to generation. On her embroidered kurta, the sister-in-law used the four colors skillfully and sensibly to create patterns such as "gyyak", "ok gozi", "ichyan аgyz", and "tazy guyruk". She absorbed her dreams, energy and passion and created this kurta with her artistic hands. These fine handicrafts, created by the great skill and great artistic ability of the Ogulabat eje, who absorbed the unique colors and ancient patterns, increase the love and appreciation for painting in the minds and hearts of our young generations.

Within the network of the conference there was also carried out an exhibition named   “Beauty of the Earth - Spring of Life”. At this exhibition were presented capes embroidered with hands of our women, green, yellow and white capes, reminding spring, and also a homespun keteni cloth of various colours and some carpet products. In the course of the exhibition were also shown pictures of known and young artists, where are represented fine flowers and needlework of women.