The beauty of the earth is the spring of life

The beauty of the earth is the spring of life


Every day of the Revival of the new epoch of stable state is filled with prosperity and celebrations of labor victories. With the efforts of our National Leader Hero Arkadag, the Honorable President, being faithful to the wise principles of our fathers, upholding the dignity of women, creating favorable conditions for our beloved mothers, sisters, and daughters to live a happy life in peace is one of the directions of the state policy that is being successfully implemented in our independent country.

In the State Museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan, an exhibition called "The beauty of the earth is the spring of life" was organized on the occasion of International Women's Day.

The exhibition presents ancient women's jewelry, preserved in the museum's treasury, and a number of modern jewelry pieces. In addition to these, the basis of the exhibition is embroidered kurtas, which are the specialty of our brides dating back to antiquity, green, yellow, and white kurtas that combine the colors of pink flowers, reminiscent of the Turkmen spring season, as well as hand-woven silk linens of various colors, several carpets sets up. The works of our master artists and the museum's employees made a great impression on the visitors of the exhibition. During the exhibition, the image of beautiful flowers and products created by our artistic hands are reflected in the paintings of our master painters Y.Gylyjov, Sh.Akmuhammedov, Kupri, V.Maykovsky, as well as young artist A.Chakanova.

Works of the People’s Artist of Turkmenistan Ch.Amangeldiyv  “Tomirus”, “Rodoguna”, young artists H.Shamseddinov “Mother’s heart”, G.Yazmukhammedova “National still life”, “National values”, Sh.Mammedova are “Useful arts belong to people” are shown for the first time.

The exhibition was opened by the director of the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan Meretgeldi Charyyev, who has congratulated women with the International Women’s Day .

Then the floor was given to the Honoured cultural worker of Turkmenistan, poetess Oguljemal Charyyeva, senior lecturer of the State Academy of Fine Arts of Turkmenistan Jeren Baltaýewa, member of the Women’s Union of Turkmenistan, techer of the school   №45 of Ashgabat city Mahrijemal Bereketova, deputy head of division of Fine Arts of the State Museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan Ogulbayram Durdyyeva.